Tax Help & Information

Below are some free options for filing your taxes yourself

Tax Act:

Free Federal & State Return for 1040EZ & 1040A filers.

E-File & Direct Deposit Options

Andrea has been using Tax Act for over 10 years! It's got easy step-by-step forms.

The IRS has a few free options.

These are not tested by anyone we know and we can't vouch for them.


Free Tax USA:


Our W-2 Policy

Read this if you need a W-2 Copy and do not have a way to access the ADP portal

New W-4 Withholding Form

Please complete and submit this form to the office if there are changes in your withholdings.

Paycheck Portal​

ADP Employee Access

Give your email address to the office to sign up.

Get access to your W-2's & check stubs

Do your own address changes & direct deposit changes.