Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of the same questions over and over. Below you will find the answers you need to the most asked questions we get. Any other inquiries should be directed to the office staff, NOT Chris.

I'm a smoker, is it OK to smoke on the job?

Absolutely NOT! Smoking on the job makes us look very trashy. We also get many complaints when our guys smoke and it goes into people's windows.


Pot is legal now, can I just smoke before work or during work?

You know what else is legal? Drinking. Do you crack open a cold one while driving down the road, or before coming to work? NO. Pot is the same thing.


Also, if you have any type of accident, you will be immediately picked up and taken to a drug and alcohol test. If you are found to be under the influence of either, you will be responsible for covering the expenses of your injuries (we will not be responsible to cover you under workers compensation).

I'm so thirsty, can I just grab a water?

No, you can't. Those water bottles are purchased by ANDREA with her own money. You are more than welcome to bring in your own water/drinks, labeled, and store them in the kitchen or fridge for when you need one. 

In the hot summer months, we provide coolers, ice, and water whenever we can.


I missed a punch, can you just adjust that for me?

No, we can't. 

Please complete a "missed punch form" and submit it to the office before noon on the Tuesday after the missed punch. If you don't return a complete form, or don't turn in any form for the missed punch in time, then the day's pay will not be paid until the payroll following the receipt of the form to the office.

Can I rummage through the kitchen for snacks?

Please don't.
It's not "free for all" snacks and food in the kitchen. Nothing in there is company-sponsored, and shouldn't be touched unless it belongs to you. 

I lost my time card key fob, can I have a new one?

Yes, you can. Replacements are $5 each for lost or broken key fobs. (not for fobs that the clocks can't read anymore). 

If you leave employment with us and don't return a fob, we will hold $5 from your uniform deposit to cover the loss.

Can I borrow $20 until Friday?

No, we do not lend out random money during the week. 

We no longer offer pay advances or loans unless it's an extreme circumstance due to policy abuse.

I don't have rent money, can I borrow a few hunned?

Absolutely not. Rent is a fixed expense and is not a qualifying reason to request an employee loan.  Rent never sneaks up, it happens every single month at the same time.

If you are having trouble managing your finances, consider asking for budgeting help.

Can I have more uniforms?

Yes, and no.

If you need new pants because yours are worn out or no longer fit, bring in the old pair(s) for a replacement. If you need new t-shirts, you will be given additional ones, but if you don't return them all upon termination, you will not receive your deposit back.

We order other articles of clothing a few times per year (sweatshirts, hats, coats, etc) if you are eligible for one of these items, we will get one for you.

Can I borrow a truck to help [person] move, or buy [large item]? Etc...

Simple answer is, no. 

We don't allow this because in the past it's been abused, and we just want to avoid that. To be fair to all employees, no one can borrow trucks unless their auto insurance policy is on file with the office.

Can I have business cards with my name on them?

No, you can't. We believe business cards are cursed and only Chris and Dave are safe to have them. This isn't even a joke.  Everyone who has ever had their own business cards has had to stop working here for various reasons (Sales girl- too many pregnancies, Bruce- 2 accidents in a row, etc) Please take some of the main office biz cards to hand out.